24/7 Emergency Call-Out


There are various reasons an emergency develops which requires the services of a mobile locksmiths. From door lock damaged caused by an attempted break-in to children and pets locked inside a car, we are available to give you priority service day and night.

Possible reasons to call us;

  • Lost/stolen key/s
  • Damaged locks caused by break-ins
  • Temperamental door/window locks
  • Additional security locks
  • Car keys locked inside car

We won’t leave you out in the cold.

Mobile Locksmiths Gold Coast offers expert and efficient 24-hour emergency locksmiths Gold Coast services at very fair locksmith prices. We realise that when it comes to needing the services of an emergency locksmith can be frustrating and can often put you and your family, employees, and assets in jeopardy. A speedy, expert and effective mobile response is what we offer for any service that is considered urgent. We provide 24/7 local locksmith service and our local emergency locksmith will be there in less than 60 minutes for your comfort, any time of the day for urgent situations.

We’ve all had that sinking feeling as the door slams locked behind us and we realise, oh no, the home keys are locked inside. Don’t wait until you unwittingly lock your keys inside before you use an emergency key cutting Gold Coast service, get one done now. Have you ever lost a key? It’s easily done. With our hectic lifestyles we’re always rushing from here to there, and it’s all too easy to misplace a small generic-looking home key. Spare keys a necessity and if you found yourself locked out of your house, car, commercial building, etc without a spare key then you can call us and we will come to you and make a key to fit your lock (and also cut you at least 1 spare)! Everyone should have a spare key for every lock. With key cutting being so cheap at Mobile Locksmith Gold Coast why take the risk?

How many times has this happened resulting in the need for the emergency services of a mobile locksmith? .... You pull the front door shut behind you then pause as it gradually dawns on us that we have forgotten the keys and they are on the table just the other side of the door. Or the feeling of arriving home late at night and patting your pockets for your keys only to find them empty. If this has happened to you we offer an emergency service backed up with many years of experience and trust. We are proud to be the trusted locksmiths Gold Coast residents can rely on. As an emergency Locksmith, we are accessible 24/7 and we are just a call away.

Locked you out of your home, business or car? Our urgent locksmith service can help you gain access fast. If you have a broken key that is now jammed inside your door lock or the ignition lock, our urgent locksmith can deliver on-the-spot solutions. So no need to panic. Make a call to us then sit somewhere in the shade and relax. We're on our way and will have you quickly back inside whatever it is you are locked out of and we do it all with a smile. We will solve your urgent locksmith issue and you can then continue on with your day, stress-free.