Master Keying

Commercial Master Keys

We are well versed in how to get a buildings key system working via a Secure Master Keying setup to ensure that only the individuals you approve can open locks and doors for their relevant duties and not others.

Simple Master Keying Systems have a master key at the top that will open all doors and then a step down pyramid to each security level. There can be various groups with various levels of sub-master keys to fit some or all of the groups.

This is an ideal key security system to keep all employees in check and all stations secure.

Residential Master Keys

A Master Key System is not only a commercial option, it can be utilised extremely well within your home.

For example; one master key for all doors and deadlocks front and rear, Next keys under for only deadlocks or only doors, step down to individual keys for individual doors so that family and visitors cannot not lock deadlocks but always enter the home using the door lock.

Whatever your home locks situation, we can recommend a master keying plan for you.