Safe Opening

We have regular call-outs from frustrated clients for our safe opening service because their code no longer works (and they are certain they have the right code). In most instances we are able to open your safe using the knowledge, training and tools at our disposal. We try everything possible to get your safe opened without resorting to a drill (or similar such tool). Very rarely have we found that a safe needed to be damaged to gain access.

Some common reasons for calling us out would be;

  • Forgotten the safe digital code
  • Forgotten the tumbler mechanical code
  • Misplaced the key (in a very secure hiding place)
  • Batteries gone flat in the digital panel
  • Electronic malfunctions
  • Mechanical malfunctions

Safe Servicing & Repairs

We find that once home and business owners install a safe it is often overlooked when it comes to servicing. That is, until the safe fails to open and items inside are needed urgently. Safes with a digital panel will often beep when batteries are getting low or may display erratic digits on the screen but this is often brushed aside until ‘tomorrow’.  Mechanical combination locks and tumblers seldom give any warning whatsoever unless it is an extremely expensive safe with fail-safe security incorporated within the mechanism.

A regular service maybe every two years depending on how much use your safe gets together with type. This is not an expensive service and we simply check the entire operation of the safe, clean and check all parts, adjust and lubricate any parts that should be lubricated and give it an overall appraisal.

Safe Sales & Installations

If you are looking to buy a safe, we can help. But if you prefer to pick up one from a retail outlet please remember that it is not even worth spending the money if it is not bolted down or fixed the a floor, wall or structure that will not allow it to be moved.

Give us a call and we can advise on your choice of location and install the safe so it will not go anywhere. At the same time, we can offer valuable operational tips to ensure your safe will always work and you will not become a ‘lock-out’ victim.