When it comes to breaking into caravans, RV’s or boats, we are the best. And, we have an emergency service.

If you are going to lose your RV keys it is Murphy’s Law that it will undoubtedly always be at the worst moment. But if you are near the Gold Coast Region we can get to you and solve your problem. If not nearby, maybe you can divert your travels and I can meet you on the road somewhere. Either way, I will do whatever in my power to get you out of your jam and send you continuing on with your holiday.

Caravan doors and the security screen doors can be quite fiddly/fragile systems and are easily broken resulting to malfunctioning locks. Sometimes people get locked in, but mostly they get locked out. When it comes to travelling homes, the security and reliability of your door is a serious matter.

For boats and other marine vessels some locks are not totally suited in that they will deteriorate all too quickly when exposed to sea air or any constant moisture. Door locks, cabinet locks and trunk locks need to be checked and serviced regularly. We will be able to open any lock on your boat and also provide you with marine quality keys. It is worth noting here that it is crucial to the life of your lock to have a quality key.

We can check your locks while there and give you a free report. We also carry items that we can affix to your van which will allow you to safely hide a spare key.

If you need our services just give us a call and we can let you know how we can help.

CALL THE HOTLINE 0417 305050